The Mojo

The one thing I am thankful for is the industrial park loop that I walk in the morning where I can talk to myself about my wishes, desires, and ideas. This loop only has a few cars and trucks on it when I walk so I am not looking crazy to a lot of people as they drive by and see me taking to myself.

Why Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC b.k.a. Firefly EPE? I believe that all students should have some great images from their memories from high school.

This passion relates to the enjoyment of high school and is less about being a photo company. I am driven to share with schools our way of helping their students have more images captures of their best moments.

I worked as a public school teacher in Pinellas County for over 10 years. The greatest part was being up in front of the kids and knowing you were going to get honest feedback from them. Adults are respectful, kids are dead honest! I loved “Rockin tha Crowd!” daily. I always tried to bring so much energy to what I was delivering.

After the big challenge (noted in the welcome post) I went to work to become better. I started a youth flag football team, sponsored two all-star games, and was always pushing forward. Those moves helped me outgrow my position of only helping a single school of kids to wanting to help 20,000 a year.

Firefly grew out of there not being a decent photographer at our homecoming and prom dances. I had a nice DSLR, purchased the big flash and I was ready to go. FAIL!!! After many tries of doing it the old big corporation way I finally poled my class of seniors. The answers they gave were really interesting.
1.Give us a lot for free. No matter what you say these low phone pics will do for now.
2.Don’t expect me to give you any money at the dance.
3.No matter the watermark I am stealing your pics and not giving you any extra money.
4.Do you know what I can do with $25? Not give it to you!

After the failure of standing in the back expecting them to come to me I knew I was in trouble. That night we made $40 and a kid would only give me $10 for a $15 print. Hell yeah I took it! My new goal was to give the students all the more than they could ever ask for. It is tough to overwhelm a kid when it comes to pics of their face. Pierce Brunson Photography was dead and Firefly EPE was born on a couch in Orlando.

As we developed since that time I have come to realize our service.

To deliver hundreds of images from the most memorable events for every student so they can enjoy unlimited access, sharing and downloading of their favorite images without paying any extra fees. will be the one place you will go in the future to relive those great moments without having to click all over the internet access the best high school moments.

I didn’t know the power of our product until our final prom of 2013. The team of dedicated photographers, assistants and energetic deejay helped us to deliver over 1300 images online within 5 hours after the dance.

I was in heaven. We have proven that we are the best high volume event photographer in Tampa Bay and we are going to be the best in Florida.

In the summer of 2013 we are working on our new product. Our “Open Air” Photo Booths will be themed based with 6 different customizable themes including colorful deco backdrops, large props, full length shots, and larger areas for more comfort and people. My focus is the same, produce the best images for students so they will have something to enjoy well after their high school days are over.

We will be ready to roll out our new booths in the Fall of 2013 and impress all that desire to enjoy our product.

Ahhh the memories!