The High School Homecoming Dance

The high school homecoming is a great tradition in America. It aligns itself with the game of football and a week of celebrating the school and the students. After the game is played and the king and queen are announced it’s time to boogie on down at the dance.

These are iconic moments for a high school student. It is a night where you get to be in a club type setting and enjoy music and moments with friends. But before all of this happens there is a committee that plans such an event and has to decide everything from theme to refreshments. How does a group deliver the best for their student body? It starts with atmosphere. Not the atmosphere of the dance but atmosphere of the school. Is the school’s student body one that will enjoy the efforts of the committee or will they think the ticket price wasn’t worth it. There are three things I work to encourage committees to think about.
1.The diversity of students that will attend.
2.The music.
3.The memories after the dance.

Let’s take the first issue. Is your school diverse? Are there many different cultures at your school that have a strong voice? If so you may want to consider a DJ that can play something that connects to those groups. It doesn’t have to be all night but a set of three songs is always helpful.

Diversity is also socioeconomic. You will have many students that struggle to pay the $45 fee to the dance so you need to consider getting more bang for your buck. With our company Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment we focus on school events to help capture hundreds of images without charging huge prices. Our goal is to positively affect all students.

The music: Always a hot topic. I suggest visiting with the DJ and have them explain how they will connect with your students. Check out their references, their mixes on, and their Facebook page.

The Memories: These are great times that most will want to look back on in 10 – 20 years. What is the student body doing to capture those memories? Work to figure out ways make sure the event is memorable. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone just focus on delivering excellent results.

It’s all about the experience. High school is four short years where student will grow tremendously. Always take the opportunity to deliver a great experience that student will remember for years to come.