School Event Photography Exclusive Offer

Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC.
Inclusive Loyal Customer Deal
2013/2014 School Year

Any school that uses Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC. as their homecoming and prom photographer for the 2013/2014 school year will receive a custom online portfolio to house their images.

If your students can’t access their prom, homecoming or graduation images within four clicks and download them for free then you should be working with Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC.
1.We will develop a custom online portfolio to house your school’s event images that we capture. This portfolio will share some school history and will be developed in your school’s colors. You may submit an image for mascot or we can come to your school and take some for the slideshow that will be highlighted on your page. The design is to provide an exclusively custom location for your school’s images and have them maintained by our professional staff as industry standards changed.

2.This portfolio helps eliminate social media traffic and just focuses on your school. This is the most direct way for your students to enjoy their images.

3.Your school’s portfolio will be exclusive and will have a direct link to it instead of just a gallery link.

4.Online portfolio will function just like our main website and will include unlimited viewing, sharing, and downloading.

5.Additional 10% discounts for using online printing.

6.Site will be active for three years and 1 month with unlimited access and no additional costs.

7.Online portfolio will be developed once the two contracts are confirmed for 2013/2014 but the contracted activity countdown doesn’t begin until June 20, 2014. You will be able to access before then, this date will be used to keep all contracts on the same time structure.

8.Portfolio’s free downloading will extended one year for every year you use Firefly EPE for at least for one of your events.

9.Contract is retroactive for all previous event images captured by Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC.

10.Graduation, special events, and all event images that Firefly captures for you will be added to your custom online portfolio.

11.This offer also includes a free candid photographer at senior breakfast or senior event for 2 hours every year that you purchase two events. Those images will also be included.

12.This is a great opportunity for your student to have a location for their images and know they won’t be lost.

13.SEO will be optimized so that students can find custom site using popular search images to be easier to find images in the future.

14. Worry Free!!!

This is simply the best service you could have for your students now and in the future. Our exclusive online portfolios allows for longer access to images without searching multiple social media sites for memories.

Contact Pierce (727) 599-6153 or for more information.

Pierce Brunson is a high school event consultant that owns Firefly Event Photography and Entertainment, LLC. He has 15+ years of experience working with high schools students, fund raising, success planning and college counseling. His goal is to help students to make their high school days memorable and keep their enthusiasm for life strong as they leave high school and follow the path of their choosing. Contact Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 or to set up a meeting for more ideas of how to get your student committee on the right track to sell more tickets, create a great school dance and gain more positive student feedback. The consultations are free.

Coming Soon: “Dance Floor Empty?” The book of how the eight elements are important in creating a better environment for your school and increasing ticket sales for the high school dance. This covers many of ideas Pierce has used in his consultations to help struggling schools improve their events. It also includes the story of Pierce Brunson and the creation of Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC.