Photo Booths with Style for Homecoming 2013: Part 2

If your photo booths are tight small spaces that only capture from the neck up with no options of a full length pose or large props then you are ready for a real change.

Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment offers a new creative twist on the old. We deliver “open air” photo booths which allow for your guests to enjoy more creative options. Here are just a few.

•Full length or cropped images taken
•Professional photographer taking the images
•Faster capture rate to increase image delivered
•Larger props for more creativity
•Backdrop can be uses without props

This year we are featuring our themed “open air” booth options:
•Grey and White
•Grey and Black
•Vintage Black on White
•Vintage Black on Red
•Vintage Brown on Light Teal
•Vintage Sage Green on Light Sage Green

Sample Backdrops

Photo booth backdrops for Homecoming 2013 by Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment

We also offer other colorful backdrops with various themes or can do a custom booth for you.

Time to add more value to your Homecoming 2013 Dance. Firefly EPE is here to take care of that. Contact Pierce (727) 599-6153 or for more information.

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Pierce Brunson is a high school event consultant that owns Firefly Event Photography and Entertainment, LLC. He has 15+ years of experience working with high schools students, fund raising, success planning and college counseling. His goal is to help students to make their high school days memorable, encourage and strengthen school spirit and keep the student’s enthusiasm for life strong as they leave high school to follow the path of their choosing. Contact Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 or to set up a meeting for more ideas of how to get your student committee on the right track to sell more tickets, create a great school dance and gain more positive student feedback.