FireflyEPE: Our Prom Solution

We Are Firefly Event Photography

Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC specializes in a creative and unique photography system that helps high school event sponsors add long-term value to dances, special events, and graduations.

We believe that prom photography should be creative, cost effective for all students, and accessible for years. Those are your students’ images; no one should hijack their pictures and charge unfair sums of money for them to enjoy a copy.

As the event sponsor, you will be happy knowing that you added a cost-effective value that will last for decades. Students will be excited knowing that their pictures will be ready to view, share, and download as soon as the very next morning after an event.

Contact Pierce so you can add unique value your students will enjoy now and long after their high school days are over.
Thank you,
Pierce Brunson
(727) 599-6153

The Firefly Process for Prom

The prom is an important traditional event for the high school senior. Hiring Firefly Event Photography ensures that students will get multiple, high quality, and professional images. We help every student at the prom feel important by capturing unlimited images at multiple photo spots and providing access to those images faster than any other company. Additional processes include:

•Modern high school event photography solutions.
•Custom backdrops to add creative flair.
•Unlimited images captured.
•Pricing that saves all students 50%.
•Information cards provided, explaining our process, to be given to students when they purchase a ticket to prom.
•Custom online website or gallery location for prom images.
•Images ready by 8am the next morning after your prom.
•Long term access and unlimited downloading of image files.
•Unlimited access to view share and download for a minimum of 13 months.
•Positive affect for students now and when they leave high school.

Our Prom Clients

Firefly works with many different, diversely populated schools with the following commonalities. This list will help you decide if investing in a relationship with our company is the right choice for your school and its students:

1.A spirited group of students that enjoy attending school events.
2.Looking for a long lasting, cost effective photography solution.
3.Prom ticket price is $65+ and 300+ students in attendance.

Investment & Ratios

Firefly charges a per person fee for our portrait and photo booth packages. Candid packages are flat rate priced. Compared to other high school photography companies your students save 50% when multiple images and per student costs are considered. Our costs are rolled into the ticket price so your students don’t need to bring additional money to enjoy our services.

We use a ratio of 250 students per photographer for the portrait and “open air” photo booth packages. A ratio for roaming photographers is two per 700 – 900 students. All photographers are specialized and trained to return a minimum of 350 images per event. Many times this number will vary higher with greater interest from students.

Prom Photography Packages

“Open Air” Photo Booth Package: Get out of the cramped box and away from boring backdrops by enjoying “open air.” Select a favorite theme or color backdrop and enjoy full sized props. Our “open air” process allows for cropped images, full length images and larger props. Students can use the backdrops for portraits images as well. This package also includes candid image photographers.
Portrait Image Package: Traditional and modern posed images taken with the use of creative backdrops adds the creative edge students enjoy. Students will enjoy multiple options and unlimited opportunities to have professional images taken with their date, significant other, or friends. This package also includes candid image photographers.

Candid Images Package: This package is our starting point for schools that are adjusting to high volume event photography. This great package includes multiple photographers and is designed to capture the images your students will enjoy viewing, sharing and downloading. Students just ask and photographers will take single, couple or group images. The rest of the time Firefly’s photographers are actively engaging students in the image capture process.

Like What You See? Let’s Meet.

For prom, we meet with all of our clients and new customers from November to January. Our initial meeting is to understand your ideas for the prom and how we can help. We will also help you compare the benefits of FireflyEPE as compared to traditional photography companies.

Need a DJ for Your Prom?

FireflyEPE can bundle prom services by adding our featured DJ. Students will be able to make requests via Firefly Event Photography’s Facebook page up to four days before the prom. This ensures every opportunity for all students to be connected to a memorable prom. We also support the school’s prom policies and play the genre of music that is allowed by the school’s administration.
The DJ’s sound package includes a 6500 watt sound system, dynamic lighting, and multiple microphones for announcements. Additional intelligent lighting is available at an additional cost. Visit for mix samples.

About the Founder

Pierce Brunson is a high school motivational speaker that founded Firefly Event Photography and Entertainment, LLC. He has 15+ years of experience in education, coaching high schools students, and fund- raising. He helps students have fun, be more productive, encourage and strengthen school spirit, and boost the enthusiasm of graduates as they follow the path of their choosing. Contact Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 or to set up a meeting for more info to help your students enjoy their high school days.