Top 5 Reasons for Using an Event Photographer at High School Dances

1.It’s 2013: If you haven’t noticed photography has changed. Have you been to a wedding in the last two years? Have you noticed that the photographer isn’t doing the same thing that was being done 10-15 years ago? Then why are you approaching your event photography in the same way? Your students deserve a modern approach to their special events. These events are just as important as weddings, births, milestones, and other celebrations. No one would want a photographer that showed up with the skills of the 1990’s photographer at their event.

2.Low cost per person: Using an event photographer offers students the opportunity for a lower cost per person when compared to the traditional bring a check/ prepay/ student must remember their money methods of years ago.

3.Multiple Images: Event photographers are great and highly skilled photographers. Event photographers excel in low light conditions, can maneuver to get a great shot, can work within large crowds and while focusing entirely on capturing the best image. By using your traditional photographer, their method takes the approach of sales person and photographer. This usually means a photographer that has been forced to be a sales person, stand in one spot and take a stagnant one image options all night. Event photographers move and capture images for the entire event to deliver more images than traditional methods.

4.Variety of Options Better Images: By using an event photographer you have a person/ company that understands photography and what it means to the individual. An event photographer works to capture the event at the highest level. When schools blow their budget on buildings and have very little money for the DJ or modern photography they are really hurting their students and the options for a great event. The event photography company can switch between the candid images, open air photo booth and formal backdrop option. Their skills are varied as to deliver the best for events. Your traditional photography company is only “decent” at portraits. But they are great at taking one image and letting that be it for your kids.

5.Your Students Grow Up! Your students will one day want to see these images. Event photographers understand the importance of the posed image and capture the event as is. These nostalgic moments should be available for your students as they become adults. If you work with a traditional company they purge files or have an archaic website to view images.

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