Technology & Education: Things Have to Change!

At Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC. we use technology to improve the opportunity for all students to have professional photography at every event where the memories are important. I can’t imagine where the world will be technologically in 20 years but if companies aren’t using current technology to deliver more professional images, faster and for a lower per person cost then the students are coming up short. I am still shocked when schools decide to use companies that haven’t changed much since I graduated in 1991. Technology is always changing and these processes can be used to better the events high school students enjoy.

FireflyEPE is here to make a difference. Professional photography should be available for every students. Students should also have the opportunity to take multiple images and have those images delivered fast. That’s what we do at Firefly Event Photography. We deliver more professional images than any other company and always include unlimited access and downloading without charging any extra fees.

For more on the future of education and technology please read:


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