Mistakes Prom Planners Make: #1 Candle In the Glass

Candle In The Glass

I have attended many proms after 2010 where they are still giving out little trinkets (key chains, candles). Have you even talked to a teen lately? They carry money, phones, and gum! Well there may be more but your cheesy candle in the glass or trinket isn’t cutting it anymore. Give them value! Look that stuff was cool in the ’91 when I graduated but now the value is in the images and the great memories. Kids today are all about the fun time. They want the Hollywood lifestyle and your homecoming or prom better deliver or you are coming up short on ticket sales and will have a boat load of trinkets left. It has amazed me that sponsors still refuse to put the student’s money into an event photographer. I mean, kids only take a million pics daily. We are only in an era where social media sites are full of images where the following statement is king. If you didn’t take a pic or video it didn’t happen. Get rid of the trinkets and deliver the value of memories!

How? Hire a great event photography company. Firefly Event Photography understands what the students want. They want to be the center of attention and they are willing to pay for it. Your standard portrait company isn’t equipped to deal with delivering the demand that your ticket payers desire. Picture packages are a thing of the past. Kids take images based on feeling. The more they feel the more images they take. If they are happy that night they will take a lot of images. Why use a company that limits their happiness to one or two images? Dump the trinkets and get with Firefly Event Photography. You will be home early and without the leftover trinkets that no one wants.