The Top 7 Mistakes Prom Planners Make

Top 7 Mistakes Prom Planners Make
Throughout my visitations to many schools and talking with other vendors and event specialists I have found a few constant themes. Most of the advice was positive but many of the event coordinators feel that schools may be out of touch with the costs of doing an event at many modern facilities. Most facilities are really concerned with safety and convenience. Though this should be right in line with what a prom sponsor needs there was a feeling that most sponsors really didn’t understand what was being offered and just looked at price. Due to that revelation I decided to put together our list of 7 Mistakes Prom Planners Make to help schools and sponsors understand there are many changes that go on daily that can improve their event. This improvement will help your event be enjoyable and memorable for all students.

Follow this month as we share our points on each of the following topics:

1. The Candle in the Glass Syndrome 1/1/2013

2. Lowering Prices like its 1999 1/3/2013

3. Hiring the Creepy/ Lone Wolf Photographer 1/7/2013

4. PROM! (If I Build It, They Will Come) 1/9/2013

5. We Found a Building 1/15/2013

6. It’s a Recession, After All 10/17/2013

7. Here I Come to Save the Day 10/21/2013

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