Mistakes Prom Planners Make: #3 Hiring the Creepy/ Lone Wolf Photographer

Still hiring the company that has been around for decades and still doing things like it is 1989? Yes there is a place for the traditional posed photography but having that one guy, with the one brownish backdrop show up and hang out in the back is just creepy. His sales are suffering because he refuses to change his methods and go to the students to make his money. He has lived a life by standing in the back and being the professional. He probably blames his low sales on the accessibility of the digital camera not the fact that he creeps high school students out. Yeah there was a day where he was cool but not anymore because everyone grows old. His methods are old and it only gives off a creepy vibe when he asks the students to come to the back to have their pic taken.

Today’s students are all about the focus being on them so the photography company should understand this. Look at the examples of the Hollywood Red Carpet. Those photographers are there for the stars not the other way around. Find the company that will go to your students and make them feel important on their special night. Even photographers have to change with the times.

Pierce Brunson is a high school motivational speaker that founded Firefly Event Photography and Entertainment, LLC. He has 15+ years of experience in education, coaching high schools students, and fund- raising. He helps students have fun, be more productive, encourage and strengthen school spirit, and boost the enthusiasm of graduates as they follow the path of their choosing. Contact Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 or pierce@fireflyepe.com to set up a meeting for more info to help your students enjoy their high school days.

Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC specializes in a creative and unique photography system that helps high school event sponsors add long-term value to dances, special events, and graduations.
We believe that prom photography should be creative, cost effective for all students, and accessible for years. Those are your students’ images; no one should hijack their pictures and charge unfair sums of money for them to enjoy a copy.

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