Mistakes Prom Planners Make: #6 It’s a Recession, After All!

Stop right there! Did you know that many products we have today that your kids are buying in droves were developed during the recession? It isn’t the recession it is the perceived value. Unless you get in line with Beats by Dre, iPhone 5+, or Jordan you are getting beat to the punch of funds your students have. Yes you will have to work hard to build the momentum for your event over a few years of dances but blaming the economy isn’t the reason you aren’t selling every ticket. Something is wrong in your approach. Get with your student committee and find out how to reach the students and get on it. The life of their prom depends on it. Read more of Firefly’s Blog to help give your ideas that will help you. If you would like a copy of our helpful pamphlet “Elements of the High School Dance” we can send you the eBook version upon your request.

Pierce Brunson is a high school motivational speaker that founded Firefly Event Photography and Entertainment, LLC. He has 15+ years of experience in education, coaching high schools students, and fund- raising. He helps students have fun, be more productive, encourage and strengthen school spirit, and boost the enthusiasm of graduates as they follow the path of their choosing. Contact Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 or pierce@fireflyepe.com to set up a meeting for more info to help your students enjoy their high school days.

Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC specializes in a creative and unique photography system that helps high school event sponsors add long-term value to dances, special events, and graduations.
We believe that prom photography should be creative, cost effective for all students, and accessible for years. Those are your students’ images; no one should hijack their pictures and charge unfair sums of money for them to enjoy a copy.

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