Mistakes Prom Planners Make: #7 Here I Come to Save the Day!

Nothing I love more than a hard working teacher. Hell I was a hard working teacher but what I have noticed is that teachers that are responsible for homecomings, proms, events, and graduations bust their butt to do it all. I learned that I shouldn’t do it all and there are plenty of people that will help me with what I need if I would just be willing to receive the proper help. I think the SS on the chest of harder working sponsors is based on the belief that no other person can do it like you do. You have to let that go and get your vendors to do more for you. Adding to the plate of another teacher is just as wrong. Ask your vendors for the help you need. For example, at FireflyEPE we support teachers when we they need a DJ by supporting the limitations of the music playlist. We allow students to request songs but will respond in a public forum at to when the request will be played or if we are allowed to play it. That way your buyers won’t bother you the rest of the night when their inappropriate song isn’t played. They know up front what the deal is so they have the right expectations. That is one thing we do to make teacher’s prom planning easier. Find the vendors that will help you, not just take a check from you. This is a new day where the customer has many different options so companies have to listen. Let your vendors know what you need and how they can help you deliver the best prom ever.

Pierce Brunson is a high school motivational speaker that founded Firefly Event Photography and Entertainment, LLC. He has 15+ years of experience in education, coaching high schools students, and fund- raising. He helps students have fun, be more productive, encourage and strengthen school spirit, and boost the enthusiasm of graduates as they follow the path of their choosing. Contact Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 or pierce@fireflyepe.com to set up a meeting for more info to help your students enjoy their high school days.

Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC specializes in a creative and unique photography system that helps high school event sponsors add long-term value to dances, special events, and graduations.
We believe that prom photography should be creative, cost effective for all students, and accessible for years. Those are your students’ images; no one should hijack their pictures and charge unfair sums of money for them to enjoy a copy.

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