Modern High School Photography

Firefly Event Photography is designed to be the company your students want at their event. After interviewing hundreds of high school students we have found that the only way to go is to give them what they want and give it abundantly.

We focus on three things:
1. Capturing memories for every student.
2. Delivering great results, fast.
3. Providing long term access solutions for our customers.

By working with Firefly Event Photography at your important student focused events you will see a difference is number of important memories our team of photographer will capture. These memories will be a part of each student’s legacy in high school. Time to celebrate all they have come to accomplish.

We offer three photography styles that fit into every photo package:
1. Candids
2. Photo Booth
3. Portraits

By combining these styles in a package we deliver a higher volume of professional images, faster than any other company in Florida!

All event service packages include the following:
1. Unlimited images captured.
2. Unlimited access to high resolution images for 13 months.
3. Unlimited viewing, sharing and downloading.
4. Images ready for viewing and downloading by 9am the morning after your event.
5. Photo Booth and Portrait packages include candid photography.
6. Information cards with detailed downloading instructions available for each student that purchase a ticket delivered 15 days before the start of ticket sales.

Firefly Event Photography Banner Logo 2013 by Pierce Brunson

Florida’s #1 High School Event Photography Company!

As a school event sponsor, you pick the package your students want, select desired customization and watch Firefly’s team of trained photographers work your event. Then by 9am the morning after your event you can view the results.

Our costs are rolled into the ticket price your students never have to use a credit card, waste time “picking a package” or prepaying ever again. They just come to your event and visit any photography station they choose and take as many poses as they desire. All access and unlimited downloading costs are covered in our price.

We understand that adding value to your events can be daunting and pleasing kids isn’t the easiest thing to do. When you work with Firefly Event Photography we will become a partner with you and your event to ensure the most success possible.

Taking 30 minutes to meet with us months before your event is the best way to see our product in action and get any additional questions answered.

Thank you. Talk with you soon.

Pierce Brunson, Founder & President
Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC
(727) 599-6153