Adding Real Value for Students at Prom (Homecoming and Graduation)!

Value Price vs. Hidden Cost for Prom Photography

As we have talked with many school sponsors it is astonishing how many don’t know how much pictures are actually costing their students. Many schools allow a particular company to come to their dance because they show up for “free” or for a minimal fee usually under $1000 but what they fail to realize is that it is costing your students more in the long run when compared to Firefly Event Photography’s innovative approach. This approach is dedicated to helping add value to student events while saving them a lot of money. Continue reading to see how Firefly Event Photography adds value and savings for high school students.

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Real Photography Value For High School Students

As a teacher/event sponsor that is responsible for adding REAL value to your student’s lives it is time for a company like Firefly Event Photography to help your students have access to REAL value.

With Firefly: Always INCLUDED: Unlimited access, sharing and downloading of high resolution image files.
Other Company: Each student will have to special order and pay more for this type of access.

With Firefly: Always INCLUDED: Additional candid images taken at your event. These images show personality and are available to everyone at your event. These are also available for unlimited downloading.
Other Company: None

With Firefly: By 9am the next morning after the dance for unlimited digital access.
Other Company: Two weeks for prints

With Firefly: Based on 400 attendees $26 per couple for unlimited posed images (this also includes the extra candids). Students average 5 images per person.
Other Company: $45 per couple for up to 2 poses, printed. NO Candids, Long Lines, Two weeks wait time.

With Firefly: None, unlimited access for a minimum 13 months and up to 20 years.
Other Company: Pay Once, Get print, get upsold for online access (up to $45 per image)

With Firefly: Your students will pay an upfront fee via their ticket price and never have to pay again for access to their images.
Other Company: They start out free or cheap but their goal is to continue to upsell your students without your knowing.

By using Firefly Event Photography for the three major events at a high school (Homecoming, Prom and Graduation) your Seniors will only pay $75 extra ($10 at homecoming, $15 at prom and $50 at graduation) for UNLIMITED images (at all events) and three years of INCLUDED UNLIMITED ACCESS AND DOWNLOADING. This also includes unlimited candid images.

Now compare this to a student that went to all the events their entire high school career.

4 Homecomings – $40
2 Proms – $30
1 Graduation – $50
Total Extra cost for 4 years of images $120

When you use other companies graduation images alone will cost $95 extra for a basic package and no candids included.

Once again, are you really saving your students money and adding value or are you faking it?
Firefly is here to help students receive REAL value! Contact Pierce for a 30 minute meeting to share how we can help your students start getting real value. That is the mission of Firefly Event Photography!

You can’t beat unlimited and you can’t beat saving REAL dollars!

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Pierce Brunson, Founder and President