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Prom Photo by Firefly Event Photography

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So the location of your prom is dimly lit and you want to take a great image. Here are three tips for taking great candid images at your prom.

1. Crop in Camera! Don’t be afraid to zoom in. In the above image we crop nice and tight to focus on the subjects and get just enough of the decorated wall behind them. When it comes to taking great candids it is all about the crop. Take the picture so everyone can see clearly who the people are.

2. Flash Darker Clothing or Skin Tones: If you look at your camera it usually has a flash to one side. By making sure the flash side is on the darker side of the photo you will gain an even light across your image. Most default to just throwing up their camera and wonder why dark is way dark and light is way light. Well it starts where your main source of light comes from. If you have a camera that has a flash in the center, turn your camera clockwise until the flash is on the darker side. This will help even the entire image. This works very well with tuxedoes and white dresses. So add light where it is needed by turning your camera.

3. Watch for Photo Bombers: Enough said on this one. Try to get your subjects with interesting backgrounds that don’t involve people because people will photo bomb.

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Firefly Event Photography is high volume photography company that helps high school event sponsors add long term value to yearly dances, special events, and graduations.

Currently, professional photography for high schools lacks creativity, is costly, and includes a lengthy turnaround time. These issues have created a frustration from students, parents and sponsors that live in a world where photos are abundant and they don’t have to wait weeks to view and enjoy.

Our unique system and team of photographers provide multiple opportunities for every student to enjoy professional photography without excessive costs. By working with Firefly, our sponsors enjoy a worry free service knowing that the morning after the event their pictures will be ready to view, share and download for free, for life.

The reason I’m so committed to helping high schools is because I’m a former teacher, and I have witnessed the neglect by other photo companies toward schools that didn’t seem lucrative enough for them to show up to their events. I have also witnessed an almost hijacking of images unless the family was willing to pay a large sum of money for a product that didn’t improve even as the technology did.

But when schools bring in firefly, every student feels like the homecoming king, prom queen or the valedictorian.
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