Elements of the High School Dance: The School

“School should be fun and memorable and that starts at the top and trickles down and out into the community”

The place where you teach is more than just a building with walls and halls. It is a place of learning with so much history. It is a place where the young start to become somebody. Schools are the cornerstone of communities. Their mascot represents a brand that everyone in the community can recognize. The school is the students, the staff, the volunteers, the alumni and the future students so events trickle out into the community for everyone to enjoy. High school days are important. It is where the youth solidify their opinions of the world and how they are going to relate in it. The school is a vital part of what every person does in their life. For so many the high school years are a great time to look back upon to see how far you have come since. Take every opportunity to remember that you are a part of something special. The legacy of your high school is strengthened every year by new students and graduates. The school should remember its past, support its present and dive into its future.

Q: What about your school’s culture helps you know that you will have a successful high school dance?

Q: What negatives will you have to redirect in order to help everyone feel connected?

Q: What are two positive thoughts, that you can share with others, best describe your school?

Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC believes that high school event photography should be creative, cost effective for all students and accessible for years. Our system helps every student feel like the homecoming king, prom queen and valedictorian.

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Pierce Brunson is a high school event consultant that owns Firefly Event Photography and Entertainment, LLC. He has 15+ years of experience working with high schools students, fund raising, success planning and college counseling. His goal is to help students to make their high school days memorable and keep their enthusiasm for life strong as they leave high school and follow the path of their choosing. Contact Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 or pierce@fireflyepe.com to set up a meeting for more ideas of how to get your student committee on the right track to sell more tickets, create a great school dance and gain more positive student feedback. The consultations are free.