Welcome 2019!

We started in 2011 with an idea to deliver a different photography system for students at homecomings and proms. Over the past 8 years we have delivered over 45,000 to schools from St. Pete to Orlando. And while we are still a small company we deliver a big result and continue to grow.

Our dedication is to the student. We are focused on delivering the best photography service that makes a positive impact on all students at an event. Our process continues to help save students and families at least 60%.

Our new products and services include:

  1. Graduation Ceremony Photography
  2. Senior Photography
  3. Team sports portraiture
  4. Band Portraits
  5. Cheer Portraits
  6. School Community Events
  7. Flag Football Action

We greatly appreciate the schools that continue to work with us and are looking to work with more schools and deliver great images.

Enjoy the access and included image file downloading.

Take a look at our YouTube channel and see what we have done over the years. Enjoy and subscribe to Modern Photography Group on YouTube.