About Firefly Event Photography

Our Mission:

“To provide a socioeconomically conscious, high-volume photography service that allows stake holders (students and parents) to obtain their moments of celebration and personal achievement without being priced out of access.”

Firefly Event Photography is a DBA service of  Modern Photography Group, LLC.

About Firefly Event Photography:

Firefly Event Photography where we help every student feel like the Homecoming king, the Prom queen, or the valedictorian. 

Firefly Event Photography is an all-inclusive, high-volume photography service for high school events such as prom, homecoming, senior events, sports, and special occasions. We capture the images your students want and deliver those photos fast so that they can be easily accessed, downloaded, and shared. We also offer portraiture photography for cheer, flag football, and tackle football.

Firefly’s premium service includes the following,

  1. Highly skilled photographers.
  2. Unlimited online access and downloading of image files.
  3. An average of 1100+ images per prom and homecoming dance.
  4. Images available by 8am the next day.
  5. Print images from home, favorite location, or use our professional print service.

Our main photographic objective is high level engagement for memory creation. We are looking to connect with schools that desire to add more value  at their events.  By working with Firefly your school ensures that your event will have abundant, high quality memories secured for future enjoyment.

Need an event quote? Here is the link. Need to set up a meeting? Contact Ruth at (ruth@modernphotographygroup.com).


Other DBAs of Modern Photography Group, LLC are

Pierce Brunson Photography
(professional portraits, weddings, and family photography) http://www.piercebrunsonphotography.com


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