Our Mission

Firefly Event Photography

Firefly Event Photography is a high volume, team based photography service that is dedicated to capturing the images and delivering them fast while keeping them safe and secure online for years.  Our mission is to capture the experience of your event.

We are now an official brand and partner of Modern Photography Group, LLC. This partnership helps Firefly improve on our services to a wider audience.  It also helps us to focus our photography staff to better serve our event photography customers.

See other partners of Modern Photography Group, LLC atwww.modernphotographygroup.com or

Pierce Brunson Photography (professional portraits, weddings, and family photography) http://www.piercebrunsonphotography.com

Modern Tassel Photography (high school seniors, graduates, and graduation photography) http://www.moderntassel.com

We offer a system that can be replicated in many different venues but we do have a focus.  Our calendar is blocked off for our high school clients from mid September to mid November for homecoming season and the last week of March until mid of June for prom and graduation.

Any community, corporate, and reunion events that fall outside of those times Firefly is ready to serve your needs.  We love what we do for our customers and we believe our process is awesome.  Thank you for understanding our dates of availability.


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