Dances & Formals

Add the photography your students want to have at their dance by working with Firefly Event Photography.

Provide a photography service that includes all students and attendees at your event.

Our dance photography process includes the following:

  • Large, professional photography backdrops (9’+ wide).
  • Cropped and full length photos.
  • No money or information collected from students at the dance.
  • Unlimited images for all students.
  • Unlimited access and downloading of image files.
  • Information posters and instruction cards.
  • Images ready to access within 12 hours.
  • Event slideshow on our YouTube Channel “Modern Photography Group

Pricing Information:

  • High School and University pricing range is $3 to $17 per person depending on size of event.
  • In general, smaller events will have a higher per person/ticket rate than larger events that order similar photo products.
  • We deliver hundreds of images per event. Dividing the cost by the images delivered is a great way to understand our value:

    REAL EX: School A has 200 students for prom, orders Color Backdrop so they will be paying $13.75 per person. Unlimited photos delivers 987 images for an image cost of $2.79. Other photographers will charge $15 per image instead of a flat rate like Firefly. This is a better value for your students no matter the size of your event. Larger events save even more per person and per image.

Complete the online QUOTE REQUEST form for more information.

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Community Dances (Ex: Daddy Daughter Dances)

  • $350 per hour
  • Color backdrop, unlimited images.

Elementary School Dances

  • $250 per hour
  • Color backdrop, unlimited images.

Middle School Dances

  • $400 per hour
  • Color backdrop, unlimited images.

High School Dances, Homecoming, Prom, Military, and Formals. 

  • Pricing based on 700+ attendees for Homecoming Dance and 450 attendees at Prom/ Formals.
  • Contact for pricing for event attendance under 300.
  • Save when you order multiple photography services.

20′ Wide White Backdrop:

  • USES: Exclusive Proms, high-end formals, large groups
  • IMAGES: 575+
  • USE TIME: 3:45 hours
  • INCLUDES: Candid photographer for 2.5 hours.
  • PRICE: Call for pricing details

White Backdrop:

  • USES: Prom, high-end formals,
  • IMAGES: 575+
  • USE TIME: 3:45 hours
  • PRICE: $3250 

Color Backdrop:

  • USES: Homecoming dances, prom, military formals, galas
  • IMAGES: 550+
  • USE TIME: 3:45 hours
  • PRICE: $2250

Candid Photography:

  • USES: homecoming, prom, military formals,
  • IMAGES: 160+
  • USE TIME: 3 hours
  • PRICE: $1250

Entrance Photography:

  • USES: homecoming, prom, military formals,
  • IMAGES: 140+
  • USE TIME: 1:15 (starts 15 minutes before event)
  • PRICE: $1250

NOTE: Firefly does not sell to individual students. Prices below are for unlimited photography for  your event. By using Firefly you save your students up to $50 when compared to an individual student purchase of comparable product.  We deliver 750 – 1500 images for every school dance with our unlimited, all inclusive system. No student information is collected, no money is collected from students, no additional charges to download images from the galleries.