High School Event Photography

Firefly Event Photography offers a variety of different areas we service.  We started our company with a focus on high school events but then found that our approach to service and quick delivery of images was applicable to other areas.  We now service the following areas.

All packages include:

1. Unlimited access, sharing and downloading of high resolution digital image files.

2. Firefly’s quick turnaround processing.

3. Information cards to access images.

4. Discounted online professional printing.

Service Definitions:

  • Candid Images: Are the fun, quick posed, images that deliver the vibe of your event.  These images are general in nature.
  • Portraits: Are images that are posed and are more specialized for an event.  This photographer captures candids as well as high end portraits, head shots, and classically posed images.
  • Backdrop: Are areas where a photographer is set up to take images on our high end colorful backgrounds.  These images are posed and are a great keepsake.
  • High Key/ White:  Is our “blown out” or white backdrop.  This is a specialized process that gives a high quality and high end look to your event.
  • Creative Spot:  Is an area where your venue or props are set in such a way that no backdrop of ours is needed.
  • Step and Repeat:  Is a backdrop that has a repeated logo or message on it.  This is great for a “Red Carpet” area of your event.

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