Flag Football Photography

Senior Night Images! Want something special for your seniors and their parents?  Here is our Senior Night special.

Cost: $200

  1. 65+ game action images.
  2. Senior night ceremony images (with parents).
  3. Senior player portrait.
  4. Pregame team and senior group images. (20 minutes)
  5. Post-game images. (20 minutes)
  6. Commemorative game slideshow featuring action pics and senior images.
  7. Unlimited viewing, sharing , and downloading of image files (ready in 48hours).
  8. No logo on images.
  9. Up to 2 hours of photography.

Great way to celebrate your seniors.

Firefly Event Photography is committed to helping spread the sport of flag football that is being played in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.  We are offering any coach that is running a tournament an opportunity to have our photography system capture great action images and provide free access to the players, coaches, parents, and fan to view images.  No charge for the first time we shoot your tournament.  Our system helps you brand and spread the word about your team and others that are involved in this great sport.

Our tournament package includes:

  1. Pregame images of each team, coaches, and captains.
  2. 95+ images per game.
  3. Information cards to view, access, and download image files.
  4. Slideshow of the 40 best game images.
  5. Please see our Bloomingdale Flag Football Tournament for a sample image gallery.

What we expect in return for the free images.

  1. The ability to walk/ freelance the sidelines and end zone.
  2. Between game permission to contact coaches and give download cards/ information.
  3. Email blast to parents, coaches, teachers, and well-wishers of the images and slideshows.
  4. A coach/parent/ staff review on our Facebook (Write a Facebook review of Modern Photography Group) and our Google (Write a review for Firefly Event Photography).
  5. No cropping/ removal out of our logo in bottom corner.
  6. Encourage players/parents to write reviews, follow, subscribe to our social media spaces.

For tournament pricing please contact Pierce Brunson (727) 599-6153 or contact@modernphotographygroup.com