High School Homecoming Photography

Packages include:

  • Information posters and cards (delivered two weeks before ticket sales).
  • Unlimited photography for all students and staff.
  • Additional information cards at the event.
  • Images ready for download by 8am the next morning.
  • Commemorative slideshow.

Package A:

  • Two, backdrop stations with props and photographer.
  • One, candid photographer
  • 1000+ images
  • $5850

Package B:

  • Color Backdrop Photo Spot with Props
  • Color Backdrop Photo Spot
  • Up to 700 images.
  • $5250

Package C:

  • Color Backdrop Photo Spot with Props
  • Roaming Candid Photographer
  • Up to 550 images images
  • $4650

Value Package D:

  • One, backdrop station with props and photographer.
  • Up to 350 images
  • $7 per person/ ticket sold.


  • Grey carpet flooring will be used for all backdrop stations.
  • Kids can use props or not.
  • In dual backdrops, one station will have props while the other won’t.

Use our Event Creator to connect, customize and get a more accurate quote within 24 hours.

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