High School Prom Photography

All packages include:

  • Information posters and cards (delivered two weeks before ticket sales).
  • Unlimited photography for all students and staff.
  • Additional information cards at the event.
  • Images ready for download by 8am the next morning.
  • Commemorative slideshow.

Package costs average $9.50 – $25 per person based on 350 ticket sales.

Package A:

Go big and be great. The perfect package for schools that are over the limits of the photo booth and “old” style of photography.

  • High Key (White) Backdrop Photo Spot
  • Color Backdrop Photo Spot with Props
  • Roaming Candid Photographer
  • Three image galleries
  • 1100+ images
  • $7800

Package B:

A great package for the prom that wants glamorous color background options without the photo booth look to their photography.

  • Color Backdrop Photo Spot with Props
  • Roaming Candid Photographer
  • Two image galleries with hundreds of images.
  • $3995

VALUE Package C:

  • Color Backdrop Photo Spot
  • One image gallery.
  • Hundreds of images
  • Flat rate of $12.50 per person/ ticket sold.

Use our Event Creator to get your event information to us so that we can help you make the best choice for your prom event.

Additional fees and notices.

Travel fee of $250 for all events 50-70 miles outside of 33701. From 75-100 miles $450. Longer distances call for more information.

All backdrop stations have a black or white floor that is included with prom portrait stations.

All white backdrop/ high key backdrop only included with Package A.  Not available with any other package.


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