May Cheer Giveaway

In May 2021 Firefly Event Photography is giving away photoshoots for cheer teams in Hillsborough County and Pinellas County. Rules and restrictions apply but there is no cost to your team or school for this service.


  • Registration starts April 26, 2021. Ends May 20, 2021.
  • Shoot must be scheduled and completed during the month of May 2021.

Who We Are

  • Firefly Event Photography is a DBA of Modern Photography Group, LLC. We are a registered photography vendor with the school boards in Hillsborough, Osceola, and Pinellas counties.
  • Photographer is Level II certified and cleared (badge copy can be provided).
  • To see more follow our Instagram and Facebook “Firefly Event Photography

Who is Eligible

  • Any high school varsity level cheer team associated with Hillsborough County Schools, Pinellas County Schools, or FHSAA are eligible.
  • Must complete the initial form below and adhere to rules.
  • This isn’t a contest. If your date is available, team is registered correctly, correspondence emails are answered, then Firefly Event Photography will be there.


  • Varsity cheer teams only.
  • 22 team members or less, including coaches.
  • Images watermarks can not be removed.
  • Images CAN NOT be used in any print media including yearbook, local publications, newspapers, online media not approved by Firefly Event Photography.
  • Images CAN NOT used for banners, posters, or the like. Images are strictly for personal (player) use.
  • Images can not be manipulated by other media, photographers, editors. Photos must stay in original form they are delivered.
  • No cropping of images.


  • Images can be used as profile pics on sites such as MaxPreps but can’t be cropped. Upload original image.
  • Images can be used on social media accounts.
  • Images can be printed for at home personal use no larger than 8×10.


  • Team coach must complete the info form below.
  • Must notify and get permission from school administration to have the shoot on campus.
  • Team CAN NOT be under current contract or verbal agreement with any other photographer/ photography company.
  • Photography location must be inside, near power, easy to access from parking area.
  • Covid precautions will be applied. Photographer will wear mask entire shoot and setup.

Photo Shoot Related

  • Photos will be on our white backdrop (sample link:
  • 45 minutes are needed to set up. We will arrive an hour before shoot time and will need access to shoot location.
  • Must be at least 30′ by 30′ of space to set up photo backdrop.
  • Shoot takes 60-90 minutes
  • 45 minutes are needed for break down.
  • No large group or full team images will be taken.
  • Images will be watermarked. Watermark CAN NOT be removed.
  • We will take two poses of each team member first. We will provide pose options.
  • If time is left other poses and “buddy pics” will be allowed.
  • Images will be ready in 24 hours after the end of the shoot. Gallery link will be sent to the coach.
  • Images may be accessed by team members. We will provide access cards.
  • To access images each person will provide their name and email address when the gallery prompt asks.


  • Images will be captured on a white backdrop.
  • Photoshoot is an example of a paid photoshoot with Firefly Event Photography.
  • Team members will receive at least two images.
  • Unlimited access, sharing, and downloading of image files.
  • Images will be able to be printed at 8×10 image quality.
  • Images will be watermarked.
  • Slideshow will be produced of photoshoot (sample link:

Social Media Related

  • Feel free to share on social media.
  • Follow Firefly Event Photography on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Follow our YouTube channel Modern Photography Group to see photoshoot slideshow.
  • Images may appear on our Instagram and Facebook. We will tag your team if you have an account.
  • Special edits will appear on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to access and repost these images.
  • We appreciate being tagged in any images you post.


  • There is no cost for this giveaway.
  • No one will be charged to access, share, or download the image files.
  • There are no rollover dates or rainchecks.
  • There will be a cost to print via our site but that is optional.


  • There will be a contract showing the cost of this service but the payment will be at zero. (Please call or email if you have any reservations about this part, we will explain why we have to have a written contract)
  • A coach will need to sign the contract to secure the date.


  • We will let you know if you date is available within 48 hours of request and shoot date.
  • Any requests made within a 48 hour window of shoot date request will not be accepted.
  • Email communications may come from the photographer, Pierce Brunson, to finalize dates and times.
  • Have a few dates in mind as we expect to fill up our calendar in the later week of May.
  • Have questions? Just ask.
  • Follow us on Instagram.

Our Rights

  • We reserve the right to cancel any photo shoot. Our goal is to deliver but if contract/ photo contracts become disputed then we my cancel. Make sure you don’t have any conflicts with any photographer.
  • We reserve the right to remove gallery if necessary.
  • We reserve the rights to our images. They are provided for personal use only.