Safe & Sound Policy

Our Safe & Sound Policy has been developed by our best customers as they realize the perks of working with Firefly Event Photography.  We have developed this to ensure that our customers have a worry free opportunity when using our company.

  1. All images will be added to gallery unless the image is inappropriate, beyond repair, or blurry.
  2. Creating an account is the best way to preserve the images that you enjoy. An account will make it easier to access your favorite images without having to sift through thousands of gallery images.
  3. All image packages include unlimited access, sharing and downloading of files, unless noted.
  4. Galleries will remain in tact for 13 months for high school, corporate, reunion, and community events.
  5. Firefly carries plenty of liability insurance, we can provide a copy once your event is contracted.
  6. We like to meet our customers, so we do request in person meetings and a venue walk through for major events.  We will visit all new venues that we are not familiar with so that we are able to deliver the best event photography experience for you.

Give Pierce a call at (727) 599-6153 if you have any issues.  Enjoy.


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