Senior Photo Session Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful insights to make your individual photo shoot a lot of fun while being relaxing so that you can achieve great results.  These tips are especially helpful if this is your first photo shoot where the entire focus was on you. Be prepared to shine!

  1. Choose 5 poses from pose guide and practice them briefly.  Nothing needs to be perfect or you to be an “overly” professional model but knowing the look you want the camera to capture is important.  This will help you relax as we move throughout the shoot.
  2. Bring a light snack and water to the shoot. It is hot and these shoots can seem long. A small soft cooler and large “golf” style umbrella may be best on the hottest days.
  3. Bring your makeup kit and mirror.
  4. Bring multiple tops in case your clothing mood changes.
  5. Do you research on what to wear. Stay within your style and don’t try to be something that isn’t comfortable.  Wear clothes that won’t match/ blend into the background. For example, if most of your shoot is near or around brick you may want to avoid colors and patterns that are similar. Same for the beach, try to avoid colors that match the sand or tops that match the orange sunset.
  6. Always bring a parent or guardian.  They can be there to help you get the best looks and smiles in your images.
  7. Be prepared to smile, A LOT!
  8. Understand that the camera equipment can be intimidating and it will take you a few shots to get used to the camera in your face and the flash going off.
  9. Visit location of your shoot a few days/ weeks before. This will help familiarize you with the location and think about creative options.
  10. If you see Pinterest/ Instagram ideas that are appealing, please share. We will work to get as close to a particular look as possible without completely copying the artist’s shared images.