Maynard Evans High School Prom 2014

Prom style and grace by Maynard Evans High School.  Images by Firefly Event Photography.  We help every student feel like the homecoming king, prom queen or valedictorian.  Your students never pay for downloads and can print their own images as they create collages with the images for the night.  We keep the images students love safe and secure.

Maynard Evans High School Prom 2014

Excellence In Education: Maynard Evans High School


The Mission of Firefly Event Photography

The Mission of Firefly Event Photography.

When you are hiring a photography company for your students there are a few things that should be delivered. Please compare what we offer when compared to the other photography companies that are available.

As a photography company that looks to positively influence high school students, we believe.

1. All students should have access to excellent images at a low cost.
2. We should keep up with the technological times.
3. We shouldn’t highjack your image and charge an unfair sum of money for you to have it.
4. You should have 24 hour access to high resolution downloads.
5. Every student should get graduation pictures.
6. Secure images properly
7. Become a part of the community of the school.
8. Be of service to our school clients.
9. Provide timely information that helps students and schools improve.
10. Help every student feel important when they are in front of our cameras.

I believe that the money you spend with our company will be small in comparison to what you get in return. To me, it is no longer acceptable to not have a great photography product for all of our students, one that they can afford and one that adds value over decades not just one moment in time.

My mission as the founder of Firefly Event Photography is to capture and secure student’s images so that they can enjoy them well into the future.

Pierce Brunson, Founder and President
Firefly Event Photography
(727) 599-6153