Our Promo Video!

We have our promo video ready to go. Take a look at it here and let us know what you think.

No other company delivers more images per event for a lower cost. Always unlimited access, sharing, and downloading of image files. Your students will love the results!

Firefly Event Photography is looking forward to working with our new clients in the fall for Homecoming!

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Maynard Evans High School Prom 2014

Prom style and grace by Maynard Evans High School.  Images by Firefly Event Photography.  We help every student feel like the homecoming king, prom queen or valedictorian.  Your students never pay for downloads and can print their own images as they create collages with the images for the night.  We keep the images students love safe and secure.

Maynard Evans High School Prom 2014

Excellence In Education: Maynard Evans High School