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“To provide a socioeconomically conscious, high-volume photography service that allows stake holders (students and parents) to obtain their moments of celebration and personal achievement without being priced out of access.”

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PCCA Commencement 2019 Image Link

Congratulations Class of 2019. Your images from the Pinellas County Center for the Arts Commencement 2019 are ready.

Follow us on Instagram @firelfyeventphotography (we have already posted a few images from last night).

YouTube: “Modern Photography Group” for your event slideshow.

Enjoy and thank your sponsors, administrators, and staff for working with Firefly Event Photography to deliver your memories.


Northeast High 2019 Graduation Images Link

Congratulations Class of 2019!

Your images are ready!  Please use the “Images Access Instructions” page for directions on how to access, download, and share your images.

Thank you for working with Firefly Event Photography this school year.

Follow us on Instagram @fireflyeventphotography and on our YouTube page “Modern Photography Group.”