Image Download Instructions

Creating an account will be the best way for you  to enjoy accessing your images from Firefly Event Photography’s galleries. When you make an account you can add your favorite images to is so that printing, downloading, and revisits are easier.

Registering for Image Access

  1. Visit to view images.
  2. On the above menu click ACCOUNT LOGIN/REGISTER. If already registered just login. CREATING AN ACCOUNT and saving FAVORITES makes purchasing print packages, bulk downloading, and future image access easier.NOTICE: If you get an error message like “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it” just click the IMAGES tab in the menu above and it will take you to the galleries. Your registration was accepted. We are working to resolve this issue.
  3. Scroll down to the galleries and click on the image gallery you would like to view.
  4. Enter name and valid email address to access image gallery (when requested).
  5. Click on image to enlarge or click the HEART in the upper left hand corner of the image you want to FAVORITE. You Can FAVORITE images from multiple galleries and groups.
  6. (FAVORITES)| MY SELECTION (#) in upper left hand corner of web page holds your images. Click on MY SELECTION (#) to see your SELECTED/ FAVORITED images. *Always click “ADD TO FAVORITES” before closing browser or logging out.
  7. In the MY SELECTION (#) section you can now purchase prints or bulk download your images. To do a single image file download just click on the image and select the download option.
  8. Click “BUY” at the top of the page and add your selected images to the print package of your choice. Once print package is selected you can pick from your favorites the images you want to print.

Sharing Images and Galleries

  1. Click (SHARE) to send image or gallery via email or social media.
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