Firefly Event Photography can provide your sports team or league with great player images. Options are for a natural or white backdrop. This is a great look for all levels of teams. We can customize and special order other color backdrops as requested.

Sports Portraits

  • Package A: $70 per person. One portrait, two poses with prop (cropped), and two player choice poses. Includes full length poses, 20 minutes of extra time for small group poses, team picture, and player graphic image. NEW for 2023 – 2024 School Year: Includes 1 game of action photos per team. Senior Night may be included. Subject to date availability. Excludes tackle football.
  • Package B: $55 per person. One portrait, two poses with prop (cropped), and two player choice poses (cropped). No full length images. Includes team picture.
  • Package C: $40 per person. One portrait, one pose with prop, one player choice pose, not full length. Great for leagues.

Small groups and whole team images may be included. Please contact for a quote.

Our photo time is limited so be prepared to move quickly and have fun.

Each team’s needs are different. Please complete the form here for a quote.

Sports Action Photos

  • Flat Rate: $275 per game.
  • Unlimited images, access, and downloading.
  • No watermarks.
  • Images will be cropped as necessary and provided at a 250 dpi.
  • Most images will be able to be printed at 3×5 – 8×10 size without distortion.
  • 90 minutes of availability (not game clock)
  • Your choice of focus (one particular player, selection of players, team game action, or both teams game action).
  • All sports except tackle football.
  • Firefly is Level II. Badge will be displayed while at the game.
  • Provide free parking and free entry into the game or additional charges will be added.
  • Provide a contact to coach/ administrator, if necessary.
  • Firefly is bonded, insured, and a registered photography vendor in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Osceola counties.

Flag Football Complimentary Game Action Images

Firefly Event Photography supports Florida high school varsity flag football teams in Hillsborough and Pinellas by offering complimentary game action images. Firefly has captured flag football game images for the past five seasons in Hillsborough and Pinellas. There is no cost to the school or program for a Firefly Event Photography sports action photographer to come to your game upon request.

Usage Rules:

  • Images can not be changed or watermark removed from original uploaded image we provide.
  • Images are for team and/ or player personal use and can not be manipulated from the original image.
  • Images can not be used in any way for yearbook, posters, sideline banners, flyers, or any advertisements. This is a copyright and usage violation.
  • Images can be used to repost on social media in their original form.
  • Please tag us “Firefly Event Photography” in any image you post on social media. It really helps us.


  • Teams must notify gate/ ticket collector of our attendance so we will not incur a charge.
  • The coach of teams interested must email schedule two weeks before the season starts. This helps us make and prepare our schedule. Email:
  • We will email home team coach that we will be attending the game as soon as we create our schedule. We will send a reminder the day of the game.

Photography Process:

  • We only capture the action on the field as it happens. The more players involved the better the opportunity for us to capture as many players as possible.
  • We will move around the field but won’t come into the coaching box. We may shoot behind it if needed but we will not enter.
  • We don’t communicate with players, coaches, refs, or fans. We are there to take pics only.
  • We will communicate with school administration as needed to access the field and/or show our Level II Badge.
  • We may attend your Senior Night but we won’t be taking any additional images outside of the action. Any additional requests can be purchased.
  • We can provide Level II Badge and a copy for your administrator as needed.
  • Once final game whistle is blown, we are out. No post game pics are taken. Only game action.
  • We may send an email notifying you that your link is ready.
  • Each game will have its own unique gallery. If we attend multiple games there will be multiple galleries to access.
  • Coaches and players should create an account so you can add your favorites to your account and not have to search for them again.
  • Via our Instagram we will create additional stylized images of our favorite game images. These are yours also to share.


  • If interested in getting game action images please send your game schedule to
  • Please subject email: School, Mascot Flag Football 2023 Schedule EX: Tampa Warhawks Flag Football 2023 Schedule
  • If you have any additional questions you can call/text Pierce at (727) 599-6153

NOTE: Firefly does not sell to individuals. Prices below are per person for your entire team. Twenty individuals or 100% participation for small groups and 75% participation for groups over 50. By using Firefly you save your students up to $35 when compared to an individual student purchase of comparable product.  Images will be ready within 24 hours. Commemorative designs will take up to 72 hours to complete.