Sports portrait sessions are the highlight of any season. Firefly can deliver great images for your team. We also offer specialty composite and banners to hang.

Team Sports Photography

Sports Portraits

Firefly’s sports photography starts with our clean and modern looking white backdrop. This is a great look for all levels of teams. We can customize and special order other color backdrops as requested.

From there we take a portrait of each team member and coach. The team or league can use this image to identify roster on MaxPreps or similar sites.

After the portrait we start the posed sessions. Each player will have the opportunity to creatively pose based on the team or league request.

Banner poses will be taken last and with the individuals that have ordered banners through their team or league.

Once individual poses and banner poses are complete a team can now enjoy 30 minutes of teammate or buddy poses.

Our photo shoot time is limited so be prepared to move quickly and have fun.

Images delivered within 24 hours for a team and 48 hours for a league.

Per person pricing varies by the team option chose.

Each team’s needs are different. Please complete the form here for a quote.

NOTE: Firefly does not sell to individuals. Prices below are per person for your entire team. Twenty individuals or 100% participation for small groups and 75% participation for groups over 50. By using Firefly you save your students up to $35 when compared to an individual student purchase of comparable product.  Images will be ready within 24 hours. Commemorative designs will take up to 72 hours to complete.