To provide good photos at good prices, for all.


  • Capture the images that the students want
  • Provide a payment structure that is helpful to all students
  • Deliver images fast
  • Allow full access to every participant
  • Be personable, approachable, and excited about delivering images for students
  • Hire photographers that like students and their environments

How Firefly Works

  • No individual payments are accepted at events or shoots
  • Event host collects monies as needed for contracted services and delivers one payment via bookkeeper or official source.
  • Basic images delivered by 11 am the next morning. Specialty images can take up to 72 hours.
  • Images are gallery based. Participants must access galleries to share and download images.
  • No additional charge for downloading high resolution image files.
  • Galleries don’t lock.
  • Images are copyright protected for individual use only.

Our Process

The Firefly Event Photography Process.

Firefly is here to deliver great photography for any educational level, elementary to high school. Our core values are 100% attendee (student) inclusion, stress-free accessibility, and overall cost savings. Key features include capturing high-resolution images, unlimited downloading of image files, and full access to archives for sharing and future access.

To offer the best price and value, Firefly doesn’t take individual payments. Monies are collected by the school and one payment is made. Firefly Event Photography’s ease of use make sure all students have nice school images that they and their parents will enjoy.  There are variables for some of our services but the following steps best explain our process. We look forward to working with your school and students.

Step 1: Contract

  • Visit fireflyeventphotography.com, use QUOTE tab to complete the form.
  • Click CONTACT US button at bottom of form to send your info to us.
  • School/sponsor will receive “first quote” based on information submitted.
  • We meet/contact via phone to review the first quote. Adjustments can be made at this time.
  • Quote resubmitted to school/sponsor.  
  • Response to final quote must be returned back to Firefly within 72 hours.

Step 2: Contract

  • Contract developed from final quote and delivered.
  • Sign and return contract. Signed contract locks in event date.
  • Information and image access cards delivered to school.
  • Set date for walk through of event venue for setup instructions. Finalize setup, themes, & backdrops

Step 3: Photo Day

  • Firefly’s staff arrive up to 2 hours before event start. Setup completed 30 minutes before event start.
  • Photographers begin promptly at start time. Photographers stop at contracted time.
  • Firefly’s staff is off premises within 60 minutes of event end.

Step 4: Close It Out

  • Within 24 hours, images will be available for access online at fireflyeventphotography.com. Click IMAGES tab at top of page.
  • Invoice sent to sponsor for payment. Make payment available for pickup via front office.
  • Email sent to sponsor with links to images and slideshow.

Contact Pierce at (727) 599-6153 if you have any questions.

If you have any additional questions you can call Pierce at (727) 599-6153

Firefly Event Photography is a DBA of Modern Photography Group, LLC.

Firefly Event Photography is a DBA of Modern Photography Group, LLC. Modern Photography Group’ LLC is bonded and insured to provide photography services in the state of Florida. Modern Photography Group, LLC is a registered photography service with Hillsborough, Osceola, and Pinellas county school districts.