Unlimited access, sharing, and downloading of image files. Galleries never expire.


To provide a socioeconomically conscious, student centered school photography service that allows stake holders (students and parents) to enjoy their moments of personal achievement and celebration without being priced out of access.


  • Capture the images that the students want
  • Provide a payment structure that is helpful to all students
  • Deliver images fast
  • Allow full access to every participant
  • Save students and parents money
  • Be personable, approachable, and excited about delivering images for students
  • Hire photographers that like students and their environments

How Firefly Works

  • No individual payments are accepted at events or shoots
  • Event host collects monies as needed for contracted services and delivers one payment via bookkeeper or official source.
  • Basic images delivered by 9 am the next morning. Commemorative images can take up to 72 hours.
  • Images are gallery based. Participants must access galleries to share and download images.
  • No additional charge for downloading high resolution image files.
  • Galleries don’t lock.
  • Images are copyright protected for individual use only.

Firefly’s Goals

  • To work with those schools and organizations that desire to save their students money without sacrificing quality.
  • To keep delivering the images that students want.


  • Firefly exists to prevent students from paying for overpriced photos, especially from graduation ceremonies.

Firefly Event Photography is a DBA of Modern Photography Group, LLC.

Modern Photography Group, LLC is a registered photography service with Hillsborough, Osceola, and Pinellas county school districts.