Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does your photography product work for school dances?

A: We capture the images you students want, process them, and digitally deliver them via our image galleries within 12 hours. No individual charges unless you order a custom item from our website.

Q: How long does it take to get the images.

A: Less than 12 hours for 90% of what we deliver. Composites and special order graduation processes take up to 48 hours to digitally deliver due to the advanced steps needed to fulfill the request/ order.

Q: How does your payment process work?

A: Our costs are rolled into your ticket price, student fee, or grad fee. For sports and teams the coach/ sponsor collects the money and has the school/ booster club cut the check after we finish our image delivery.

Q: Do you have a program for individual payments?

No, not for events, sports, or group images. In order to keep our prices stable we have set fees that include photography and digital access.

Q: Will my ticket/ senior fees go up is we use your services?

A: more than likely yes. Firefly is a premium product that is delivered to all students. Our services are for those schools that desire all students to be able to get photography on their most important occasions.

Q: Are you registered as a vendor with my county’s school board?

Yes. Firefly Event Photography is a DBA of Modern Photography Group LLC. We can provide any additional insurance or bond related information as needed.

Q: Do you do photobooths?

A: No. We don’t use machines to take pics and we use large 10′ wide backdrops for cropped and full length photos.  You can add larger props this way.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times or number of images I can download?

A: No. We allow unlimited access, sharing, and downloading. Our copyright does state that you must be in the picture or a relative/ guardian of the person in the image.

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